Holy crap!  These photos of Lydia Deets from D-Listed are quietly terrifying.  Winona’s only 8 years older than me!  Not possible!


I know she hasn’t made a non-splotchily-animated movie in a while but…hot damn…I feel like I should be visiting her in a home somewhere and turning down her offer of some hard candy.  Wha happened?


Britney Spears

















So the big story that kept popping up all over gossip sites, and even Fox News is that Britney Spears might lose temporary custody of those two honkey-tonk toddlers that made her fat, fugly and a huge hot mess. My Opinion on this issue, is that I honestly think the children might be better off with K-fed. I know that we all are supposed to dislike him, but with Britney’s continuous disregard for all things close to common sense, it seems clear that this white tee-shirt dickies loving loser is a better parent than his counterpart. I just think its really amazing that it took somebody, like two fucking years to notice that she carries a bag of Cheeto’s, Starbucks ice coffee and even that sorry excuse for a dog more than her children!! Honestly, she considers Paris Hilton a friend, never wears underwear, and clubs more than my single 23 yr old childless ass. I swear on my life and everything that is holy in this world, she is the entire reason I do not want kids and have gone back on birth control. Looking at her try to interact with those children ion some paternal level, is just really sorry. I honestly think I played Barbies with more enthusiasm. Her only hope of keeping those baby honkey-tonks, was if she went through with that “hit” on her sorry ex.

Can’t Stop…Won’t Stop…

September 17, 2007

The ad for P’Diddles new perfume, Unforgivable Woman, may be the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. Diddy should stick to what he does best – forcing young singing hopefuls to undergo grueling endurance challenges. I love the guy when he’s berating choreographers, not so much when he’s half-naked, staring into the camera while repeatedly kissing the pelvic bone of a disinterested model.

At times, the video almost makes it appear that he’s sexually assaulting this poor woman. That’s sure to boost sales. Ladies, if you want more random strangers in sunglasses and overpriced suits to violently pin you against the walls of your favorite clubs…do we have a scent for you!

[Hat tip, Best Week Ever]

NOTE: After writing this post, I discovered that WordPress does not yet allow users to embed MySpace TV videos.  This is ridiculous, and a big strike against WP in favor of Blogger, which lets you embed just about anything…

Elisha Cuthbert Sex Tape

September 17, 2007

This can’t be real, can it? An Elisha Cuthbert Sex Tape?


Geno’s World has learned that a porn tape involving Elisha Cuthbert is being shopped around. The tape obviously would end up in a legal battle, but the owner of the footage is attempting to set up a website to cash in quickly.

This is exciting. I think, if there really is a tape of the beautiful Ms. Cuthbert out there getting a Cincinnati Bowtie or something, just selling it over the Internet would be a waste. That’s severely underestimating its power. This is, like, the Western version of Islam’s whole “72 virgins when you die” promise. If we told young American males that all they had to do was martyr themselves for America and they’d receive an Elisha Cuthbert Sex Tape in Heaven, Riyadh would be pounded with 500 suicide bombs a day!